About Us

About us

AcuteCare Telemedicine (ACT) is the leading practice-based provider of Telemedicine services for hospitals seeking around-the-clock stroke and other urgent Neurological care. Founded in 2009, ACT allows hospitals to access highly-respected expert Neurologists and Telemedicine technologies.

As the demand for Neurologists increases and new regulations impact hospitals, there is a growing shortage of experienced physicians available to provide continuous coverage. Hospitals across the country struggle to find a solution to fill this need, and with more than one patient in the United States suffering a stroke in the time it takes to read this paragraph, it is critical to address this problem.

ACT offers cost-effective solutions that deliver complete on-call coverage, improve patient outcomes, adhere to HIPAA / HITECH requirements and establish a sustainable financial model for patient care.

ACT provides:

• Quality stroke and other Neurological emergency consultation
• Continuous, around-the-clock on-call coverage
• Hospital accreditation assistance toward Joint Commission Certification as a Primary Stroke Center
• Access to a network of experienced, Board Certified clinicians, including Stroke Center Directors, who are able to communicate clearly and understandably with patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists
• Consistent, evidence based quality care in accord with Neurological guidelines and practice standards
• Increased hospital revenue through newly captured ER visits, related hospital admissions and improved third party reimbursement
• Security and Privacy of all confidential patient information and medical data

ACT is more than just state-of-the-art Telestroke care; we are among the most knowledgeable and experienced physician specialists in our field. We all practice medicine in the United States, and we are in the business of creating relationships that will serve as the foundation for improving healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize Telemedicine to provide expert stroke and other Neurological care to patients. ACT will help hospitals overcome medical staff obstacles, ER diversion and help improve patient outcomes for stroke and other Neurological conditions.

We are dedicated to preserving and strengthening our reputation as leaders in the field of Telestroke care. We are committed to fully serving the needs of both our patients and client hospitals in a manner that is personal and highly professional

Our Core Values

Above all, AcuteCare Telemedicine values our

Integrity in all of our communications and commitments

Transparency in all dealings with our stakeholders, partners, and patients alike

Accountability to our partners, their staff, and the patients we serve together

Collaboration in growing and maintaining our business

Expertise in our work as clinicians on the forefront of our field

Education and Accreditation

The Joint Commission awards certification to Primary Stroke Centers that successfully comply with standards and clinical practice guidelines and improve performance. ACT is experienced in consulting with hospitals to help them through the process of acquiring certification.

We partner with hospitals to execute a plan of action to achieve certification, building relationships and opportunities to engage in ongoing Telestroke and other Teleneurology services along the way. ACT also offers continuing assistance for healthcare providers seeking to improve internal processes, maximize efficiency, and increase revenues.

The knowledge gained from a partnership with ACT contributes to better patient outcomes, safety, improved compliance, enhanced patient care, and greater patient satisfaction.


As experts in the field of Neurology, Telestroke consultation and other Telemedicine applications, we seek opportunities to collaborate with others seeking to improve our health care system. ACT takes pride in being on the forefront of Telemedicine and the immediate and long-term changes coming to our industry. We seek to actively participate in industry-related events such as panelists or keynote speakers to provide knowledgeable perspective on important issues.

We welcome community organizations to inquire about our availability to address their members and encourage hospital decision makers to meet with us personally or arrange sessions to open a dialogue with medical or administrative personnel.